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The best amongst men is the one who benefits men

WIPAHS is a religious non profit organisation registered under a board of trustees with the government of Tanzania in 1988. 

WIPAHS was initiated 1980’s, when  few philanthropist from the community dedicated their time in trying to improve the living conditions of the indigenous community, who had been suffering severely from poverty, disease and illiteracy.

Upon visiting the villages, hospitals, homes, schools, Madrasas etc, it was witnessed that the situation of most of the people was very despairing and they were in desperate need of help.

With meagre financial and human resources, these philanthropists started a few projects for the upliftment of these under-privileged members of the society and as they got closer to them, they uncovered that the biggest hindrance in welfare was lack of proper education, especially amongst women.

WIPAHS activities are divided in 6 main department:

WIPAHS: World Islamic Propagation And Humanitarian Services has its main objectives set as, serving humanity and the creatures of the Almighty (SWT) and propagating the true and message of Islam which is love and peace

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