"Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave" 

In recent times, the emphasis of education has been publicised in various sectors of development and lack of education has been related to the miseries of life. 

WIPAHS believes that the best way to eradicate poverty and to strengthen a person's ethics and character is to disseminate quality education incorporated with religious studies to the underprivileged members of the society. This will enable them to support themselves and their dependants and lead a respectable lifestyle. Thus diseases, poverty, illiteracy, will automatically disappear in time to come.

WIPAHS has 2 Main Education Projects

1: Education Centre

The Fatema Nursery School LFNS

Located at Gongo La Mboto 

120 Children


  • Provides the children with quality early education
  • Takes care of the hygiene of the students in the early years
  • Combats malnutrition 
  • Teaches children moral, ethics and cultural responsibilities 

The Wali Ul Asr Education Centre

Located at Kibaha Mpakani, Coast region

1300 Students

From KG - Diploma Courses

With boarding facilities

2: Sponsorships

For Primary/Secondary Education

Assistance is provided to the needy to meet their education needs by sponsoring their children to attend the government schools. This assistance ranges from USD 15 - 50 per child

The Higher Education Sponsorship Program

Assistance is provided to students who are pursuing higher or technical education in different universities and colleges.

At present our sponsored children are pursuing courses ranging from medicine to law, kindergarten teachers to vocational trainers.

The assistance ranges from USD 100 - USD 1500 per annum

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