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Support the Secondary Education

2013 subsidy2

Sponsor a Child

  • The economic situation is not pleasant 
  • Parents are struggling to pay 
  • Our deficits are going upwards
  • So if parents cannot pay the vicious cycle will continue
  • So we decide to reduce fees to enable the parents to pay while trying to attract volume
  • the fees will be reduced to 1.25 m 
  • Each child deficit of 500k 
  • Roughly 320 dollars/child/annum
  • We are looking at 960 sponsors who can assist us with USD 320 each
  • This will help us significantly in our budgets, the children in their education and the parents in their finances
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Support the College/Higher Education

For college we are charging 240,000/(USD 150)

  • We are looking for USD 50/Month for 80 Students
  • That is USD 600 per child/annum
  • The course includes course in self realization and building self conscious in order  to create responsibility  in addition to diploma/certificate by the government 
  • Enables them to get employment after 2 years
  • demands for teachers is 80000 as per today 

So theoretically we will need 80 sponsors for this scheme, so in 2 years 160 sponsors 

Support the economic development projects

  • In this era it is not teach a man how to fish, but more than that
  • Train him with marketing skills
  • Your contribution can go a long way in funding micro finance projects to giving tools to farmers and peasants 
  • Our projects start from a mere USD 5 - 10

Give Water to the Thirsty 

  • A shallow well costs between USD 1500 - 1800
  • A Tube well costs between USD 6000 - 8000

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